Who To Call?

ADMINISTRATION at 515-223-6220 with questions or concerns about....

  • Cigarette and liquor licenses
  • City financial information
  • City ordinances
  • Council meeting information
  • Human resource information
  • Licensing a dog or cat
  • Noise permits
  • Paying parking tickets
  • Solicitor permits

WASTE MANAGEMENT at 515-265-5267
 with questions or concerns about...

  • Appliance and white goods pickup
  • Missed garbage
  • Solid waste for new construction

WASTE MANAGEMENT at 515-244-7336
 with questions or concerns about...

  • Missed pickup of recycling
  • Recycling

CODE ENFORCEMENT at 515-223-6220
 with questions or concerns about.....

  • Abandoned/inoperable motor vehicles on private property
  • Dead or diseased trees
  • Dumpster out of enclosure
  • Illegal signs
  • Nuisance or junk/debris/garbage
  • Sidewalks in disrepair
  • Snow not cleared from sidewalks or parking areas
  • Tree trimming or tree removal on private property
  • Vehicles parked on grass
  • Weeds/tall grass

 with questions or concerns about....

  • Building inspections
  • Building without a permit
  • Drainage problems on private property caused by a public facility or construction project
  • Illegal use of property or business
  • Signs
  • Unauthorized construction
  • Unsafe building or structure
  • Unsafe construction activities
  • Zoning regulations

FIRE at 515-223-1595
 with questions or concerns about...

  • Ambulance services
  • Commercial/residential fire alarms
  • Fire rescue services
  • Fire inspections
  • Open burning regulations

POLICE at 515-278-1312
 with questions or concerns about...

  • Abandoned or inoperable vehicles on public right-of-way
  • Accident reports
  • Animal control
  • Disturbing the peace, noise issues
  • Motor vehicle violations
  • Parking
  • Parking tickets
  • Red light cameras

PUBLIC WORKS at 515-223-6231
 with questions or concerns about....

  • Drainage problems on public property
  • Fire hydrant maintenance or repair
  • Mosquito spraying
  • Snow removal on streets
  • Streets

 with questions or concerns about...

  • Utility services
  • Water service sign up/disconnect
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