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Scott Cirksena was re-elected Mayor at the election held November 5, 2013.  Mayor Cirksena’s term will expire in 2017. 

Mr. Cirksena is serving his second full term as Mayor.  He previously served on the Clive City Council from November 2003 to December 2009.  He is currently employed as a Senior District Sales Manager for Kenworth Truck Co., a Division of Paccar, Incorporated. 

Today, Mr. Cirksena represents the City of Clive on the Metro Advisory Council (MAC), the Board of BRAVO  Greater Des Moines, the Central Iowa Regional Drinking Water Commission (CIRDWC), Dallas County Mayors, Mid-Iowa Association of Local Governments (MIALG) and the Dallas County Foundation.  In addition to these activities, Mr. Cirksena is a member of the Clive Lions Club, The Clive Historical Society and the Iowa Motor Truck Association.  He also served on the Governor’s Transportation 2020 Citizen Advisory Commission in 2011.  He and his wife Julie and children Mackenzie and Ben reside at 16330 Boston Parkway.

From the September 2014 Clive City Newsletter

Mayors Corner

Fellow Clive residents,

For the last several years, through strategic planning and needs assessment, the Clive City Council and staff carefully investigated possible solutions to the city’s looming facility needs. We have outgrown several of our public facilities, particularly public safety (fire and police departments) and the library. As our population grows, the City wants to be able to continue to provide the level of service that creates a 92% satisfaction rate with Clive residents. And, we seek to do this at the lowest possible cost with the highest level of value for our residents.

So, the City Council directed staff to embark on a methodical process to develop possible solutions to our facility needs issues, one of which was a public/private development for a Town Center concept on NW 114th Street. This development included a Government Center, housing the Clive Police Department and all City Hall functions. The remainder of the proposed development would have been privately developed to help grow the tax base to offset the cost of the new building and renovating the police, fire, library and City Hall facilities. 

Recently, the Clive City Council has decided to end the process of the Town Center project and explore new solutions for meeting our facility needs. The proposals from potential private partners received Friday, August 8, do not provide the elements the City required to pursue the construction of a Government Center facility in a way that provides value to our residents. The step-by-step process the City outlined and utilized for this development provided many checkpoints along the way to ensure that we could continually assess the need fulfillment and financial viability of the project.

There is still a need to provide additional facility space for the City, particularly the Clive Police Department. I want to assure you that addressing this need remains a priority of the City Council and it will be assessing new solutions to fulfill the City’s space needs.

The Council will explore how to best utilize the City-owned ground along the NW 114th Street corridor over the next six months — the results of which may include the sale of portions of the land for private development. Since new solutions are being explored, the City decided not to proceed with the Clark Street Neighborhood traffic study, as it was meant to specifically evaluate the traffic impacts of the Town Center concept.

The City greatly appreciates the time, effort and resources spent by the development community throughout this proposal generation process. On behalf of the entire City Council, we are also grateful to Clive residents for their input and involvement on this project, specifically the Town Center Citizen Steering Committee.

The City Council will continue to use valuable public feedback as a primary resource in our exploration of City facility needs. The decision to end the Town Center concept process was not made lightly, but it is one that we knew was a possibility from the beginning because of the City’s commitment to Clive residents. Our number one goal in public service is to provide the best value to our residents and we will continue to pursue planning and development in our City that delivers on that goal.

You can keep informed of new developments on the facility space needs and plans for the NW 114th Street Corridor, by visiting our website at, following us on, or subscribing to our e-newsletter at And as always, please feel free to contact me or any of the City Council members to share your feedback with us.

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Mayor. Please do not hesitate to call me directly with any questions you may have.

Scott Cirksena
Phone: 515-223-6220

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