URGENT NOTICES: Minor Flooding Occurring Along Walnut Creek in Clive

CLIVE, Iowa – Due to heavy rainfall last night Clive is experiencing some minor flooding along Walnut Creek.  The City expects the creek to crest this morning at a level below 9.5 feet, which may result in minor roadway flooding along Swanson Blvd.  Public Works is currently monitoring the roadway and will close Swanson Blvd in the area of 92nd Ct if flood waters begin to cover the street.

With rain in the forecast on Friday evening there is potential for additionally flooding to occur.  The City would advise residents who live along the creek to be aware of coming storms and the potential for increased flooding.



Community Safety

Clive Fire Department Public Education Please contact us at 515-223-1595 to inquire about any of the following public service educational programs:
  • CPR Courses
  • Home Safety Evaluations
  • Fire Station Tours
  • Fire Truck Visits to Block Parties
  • Fire Extinguisher Classes
  • Blank Children's Hospital - Fire Safety House Smoke and Carbon Monoxide/CO Detectors - operation and battery check, install new batteries or detectors

CPR Classes

American Heart Association (AHA) CPR classes are available through the Clive Fire Department. Courses are taught by members of the department who are certified as instructors through the AHA. Classes are scheduled on an as needed basis for groups of 5 or more participants.

  • Healthcare provider, for those working in healthcare and are required to have CPR certification, $35
  • Heartsaver CPR, for people who desire a certification in CPR but do not work in a healthcare setting, $25
  • Family and Friends CPR, for those who want to know how to perform CPR but do not have a requirement or need for certification, $15
  • AED use is introduced and covered in all class levels. First Aid can be added to any class for an additional $25.00 fee.

With the exception of the Family and Friends class, fees do not include the cost of textbooks. The American Heart Association requires participants have access to a textbook for their specific class before, during and after a course. Textbooks are available for purchase at any time and we do encourage all participants to purchase a textbook. However, a limited number of textbooks are available at the Clive Public Library for checkout.

Contact the Clive Fire Department to arrange classes. 515-223-1595

Other programs can be arranged on request.

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