URGENT NOTICES: Minor Flooding Occurring Along Walnut Creek in Clive

CLIVE, Iowa – Due to heavy rainfall last night Clive is experiencing some minor flooding along Walnut Creek.  The City expects the creek to crest this morning at a level below 9.5 feet, which may result in minor roadway flooding along Swanson Blvd.  Public Works is currently monitoring the roadway and will close Swanson Blvd in the area of 92nd Ct if flood waters begin to cover the street.

With rain in the forecast on Friday evening there is potential for additionally flooding to occur.  The City would advise residents who live along the creek to be aware of coming storms and the potential for increased flooding.



History of NW 86th Street

Once named Clive Road, NW 86th Street has played a key role in the development of the City of Clive from its settlement in the 1870s and has served as a major vehicular and commercial link for the Greater Des Moines metro area. However, throughout the years, commercial, residential, and municipal uses have become scattered throughout the city, and the corridor has struggled to maintain its prominence as other areas in the metro develop and grow. By investing in corridor planning and roadway improvements today, the City of Clive is demonstrating its commitment to ensuring the corridor remains an economically viable, diverse place with quality residential, commercial, service, employment, and recreation uses that draws residents and patrons to the corridor for many years to come.


Fostering a Sense of Place

While the City of Clive is continuing to experience healthy growth and development, the community is now landlocked. Therefore, redevelopment of the NW 86th Street corridor is vital for maintaining and improving Clive's tax base. Given Clive does not have a readily identifiable downtown or "Main Street" area, the redevelopment improvements planned for NW 86th Street will assist in fostering a sense of place for the greater community at large and the business and residential populations adjacent to the area.

NW 86th Street Corridor Plan

The NW 86th Street corridor shall be an economically viable, diverse place with quality residential, commercial service, employment, and recreational uses in an identifiable setting that draws residents and patrons to the corridor.


  • Improve traffic circulation and accessibility on NW 86th Street Consolidate and focus the commercial land use within the corridor
  • Enhance the interaction of the activities and businesses on the corridor with the Greenbelt Park
  • Create a unique place through the use of distinctive urban design elements and features

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